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Section 14, Petaling Jaya

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Full time



About the Role

As a Law Intern at our esteemed firm, you will be integral to our legal team's operations, engaging in diverse responsibilities essential to legal practice. Your role encompasses conducting thorough legal research, analyzing statutes and case law, and articulating findings effectively. Additionally, you will contribute to the preparation of legal documents, including pleadings and contracts, refining your drafting skills. Actively participating in courtroom observations will provide you with firsthand insights into legal proceedings, while client interaction, including conducting interviews, will hone your communication skills. Administrative support tasks, such as organizing case files, will familiarize you with the organizational aspects of legal practice. Furthermore, you will assist in case management, tracking developments and deadlines, collaborating closely with experienced attorneys to contribute meaningfully to ongoing legal matters. This internship is designed to offer a holistic understanding of legal practice, fostering your professional growth and skill development in the legal field.

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